Piper Betle Bar Soap

Savon de BALI Essential ‐ Piper Betle Antiseptic Bar Soap 100g

Nett Weight when Packed : 100g / Pc. ‐ Usage : Body Only.

Individual Packaging : Cling Wrap + Plastic Pillow Pack + Inner Box

Master Box : 96 Pcs. / Carton (Double Layer)Size : L26 x W23.5 x H24cm

MOQ : 8 Cartons / Variant


Betle Leaf is known to have a natural function as an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and strong Antiseptic. Even in traditional eastern medicine, betle leaf is also used as a component of medicine. For the skin, betle leaf also functions as an Anti-Oxidant which can make the skin look youthful, smooth & soft. Enriched with Olive Oil to keep the skin moist.

How to use : Apply foam to the body with a gentle circular massage then rinse thoroughly.


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