Shea Body Butter

Savon de BALI Essential ‐ Shea Body Butter 200g

Nett Weight : 200g / Pc. ‐ Usage : Body Only.

Individual Packaging : Aluminimum Foil Seal + Plastic Pot + Shrink Wrap

Master Box : 48 Pcs. / Carton (Double Layer)Size : L42 x W32 x H18.5cm

MOQ : 8 Cartons / Variant



If you suffer from dry and flaky skin, Shea Butter seems to be one of the strongest emollients and most healing butters to go to for profound hydration and skin revitalization. It is also excellent anti-inflammatory and provides natural protection against sun and other environmental damage.

Shea body butter is found in moisturizers, soaps and lotions because it is rich in vitamins A, F & E. Vitamins A & E keep the skin hydrated and healthy while vitamin F works as a rejuvenator, restoring damaged skin. Shea butter contains a cinnamic acid which protects the skin from harmful UV rays in order to prevent damage such as wrinkles or burns. Shea body butter has also been recognized for decreasing the visibility of stretch marks and is found in many anti-aging creams due to its ability to deeply hydrate the skin while still allowing the pores to breathe.

There are many other skin care products which claim to have the same benefits as Shea body butter but contain harmful chemicals which can cause even further damage to your skin. Shea body butter is an all natural skin care ingredient; therefore it rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Why we combine Shea Butter with Olive Oil & Essential Oil…?

While most Shea Body Butter are made using condensed butter material which makes the product to have a sticky cream character as well as not having a pleasant smell, we try to combine the Shea Butter with Olive Oil to makes it less sticky on the skin while brings a good effect of better absorption into the skin and Essential Oil to reduce the unpleasant smell. This way we may provide better comfort for the user’s skin and still have a very good effect for the skin.


Savon de BALI Essential – Natural Shea Body Butter is made with Authentic Shea Butter and a combination of Olive Oil + Essential Oil to moisture and nourish extremely dry skin or to prevent moisture loss in hot weather.

How to use : Apply the butter thinly all over your body by giving some pressure with circular motion. Best to use after shower. For body use only.


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